For patients diagnosed with Aortic Stenosis or Aortic Regurgitation

AVNeo Surgery

NATURAL blood flow

Active life

I have performed over a 80 AVNeo cases by myself since 2019. My patients appreciate having an aortic valve using their own tissue, and they are happy to know that the valve is very well working & Doing their physical activity as before. We do all ages including pediatrics and adults.

Creating a valve with Natural blood flow and Natural material; a new procedure for an active life

Benefits for children

Benefits for adults

What is AVNeo?

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What is Aortic Valve disease?

The aortic valve is one of the most important valves that controls blood to flow to your entire body.

How is aortic valve disease treated?

Currently, there are no medications to cure aortic valve disease, therefore, surgery is the most common treatment.

Facts and figures about AVNeo

AVNeo has changed thousands of lives over the years.

Procedures (Since starting 2007)
Mansoura Cases
Countries where AVNeo is distributed
AVNeo Publications, globally
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